10 Things To Do To Prepare Your Home For A Family Vacation

Preparing Your Home Ready For Your Summer Vacation.

Summer is almost here, which means two things kids are home and it’s time to take that annual summer vacation.  

Family Vacations can be the best experience or the worst experience depending on a few things one of which is getting your ready home for that time.  You will be out of the house and need to protect your home.  Coming home that has an emergency happen is a pain.  So preparation is key to not having that happen. 


10 Things to get ready for your coming family vacation.

  1.  Have a neighbor watch your home while you are out – have someone who lives close by keeping an eye on your home.  They can check the mail often, play with the pets and make sure your home looks lived in. 
  2.  Turn off the water at the wall for your washing machine – a water leak can create a flood when you are on vacation which can turn a small problem in a large problem. 
  3. Make sure your home looks lived in – have someone come in and out daily as well as automate your lights and tv.  You don’t want a change to alert criminals that your home is empty. 
  4. Keep your HVAC on the same temp you normally keep it on.  Changing the temperature can cause your refrigerator to have problems and stop cooling.  
  5. If your going to be out of the area for more than 10 days – turn the water off at the street.  This will help you avoid a  situation where your home is flooded.
  6. Never post before or while your’ on vacation that your’ on vacation.  You never know who is watching on facebook,twitter, and snapchat that your out of the country. 
  7. Cover you swimming pool – an open swimming pool in an empty house can be very attractive to teenagers who are looking for trouble.  Keep them from stopping at your home by putting a lock on your pool.


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