9 Signs That Your Working At The Wrong Job

Over 50% of all employees are in the wrong career path and or the wrong job..

If you just figured out that your job is not working for you, you are not alone. 



Its Not Only About Making An Income - Its About Making A Life!

  1. You hate Mondays and love Fridays 
  2. You feel the company you work for has the wrong culture for you to participate in. 
  3. You feel taken advantage of or not listened to. 
  4. Your passions and skills are either ignored or put down. 
  5. You are completely stressed out when you are working.
  6. You have no friendships at your job.
  7. You have already hit the ceiling and there is no room for growth.
  8. Rumors are always being spread in the company about you and other employees that are not true. 
  9. Those who you work with do not value you as a person. 
  10. You would not pick this job again. 

If you just figured out that your job is not working for you, you are not alone.

The problem is that most of  us live from paycheck to paycheck and can not afford to skip even one check without jeopardizing our homes and families.  So. we keep doing what we have always done, or  worse one day you blow up and stop doing everything.   But opportunity only is real opportunity when we see it, recognize it and do something about it.

Things you can do today to improve your job and take steps to improve your future.

Take Ownership of your life and future. 

  1. Write down a detailed list of what you are looking for in a job and or business. In your writing put as many details as possible. What do you want your to life to look like? How much do you want to work, what is your salary. what do you want to do when you are not working? What are you passionate about? Can you find or design a job/business that will pay you for that passion and or talent?
  2. How long do you see yourself at this job?   Is it time to seek a job someplace other than where you are?   It's often easier to stay in a bad job than taking steps to move on and get in a better place.
  3.  Is there a reason you need to stay at your job?  Looking at the pros and cons of staying vs going?  Be very realistic and write this down.

Seek Wisdom 

  1.  Find a lifestyle coach to help you know what the next best thing to do is whether you stay at your current job or if you move onto a different job.
  2. Work on growing personally  - it does not matter if you have a job or own your business, you will never get paid more than the value you bring to the market place.  The one way to increase your pay and your future is to grow personally.  To start this process I recommend getting  15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell

Think Outside The Box

  1. Start Networking  Locally - Find a source for new ways find a job.  Register on www.meetup.com and find business networking breakfasts, lunches or mixers where you can put yourself out there looking for a specific type of job.
  2. Create a plan B. - Having a different source of income will allow you to never feel stuck in a job again  Having that will take time but to create your woohoo lifestyle it is well worth it.

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